Laura & Mark's Elopement  @The Scarlet Hotel

 Laura & Mark's Elopement @The Scarlet Hotel

Understanding lighting is fundamentally one of the most important aspects of photography and Wedding photography, of course there are many other elements which make a great picture but if you can understand lighting you are half way there.

This picture of Laura & Mark was taken in October, because the sun is already getting quite low at this time of the year it can have some lovely results. When it comes to Wedding photography I personally love beautiful soft lighting but positioning your subjects with backlighting can help create atmosphere and depth. It's probably one of the more challenging scenarios to master as your light meter will be all over the place. This is when you need to use your in camera histogram and make sure you are retaining detail in areas which are important to you.


Amy & Johnny's Wedding @Scorrier House

Amy & Johnny's Wedding @Scorrier House

Using off camera flash can really help fill in your shadows with strong back lit sistuaions or help create something like this image of Amy and Jonny's Wedding at @ScorrierHouse. A lot of Wedding photographers shoot with their flash gun on camera. If you haven't got any other option this is all well and good but if you took that flash off the camera away from the direct line of sight you will be amazed with the results.  Give it go! 

What are your favourite techniques?!