Engagement photography in Cornwall.

Most people, including myself are not comfortable being in front of the camera but especially at a Wedding you want your subject to be as relaxed as possible.. otherwise no matter how amazing your pictures are the couple will look out of place. This is where the engagement shoot or also known as before the vows shoot will be key to your success. 

Engagement photographer Cornwall

1. Choosing the right location: You will want to find somewhere where there aren't crowds of people, its not a spectators sport. Get to know your couple ask them if they have a specific place in mind, maybe where the proposal took place or just somewhere they love.

Cornwall Engagement shoot

2. Walk through: before you meet them at your chosen location you should know your shots and angles. That way you aren't wasting time thinking about the next shot and they will feel super relaxed.

engagement photography cornwall

3. Shoot light: kit is cumbersome and will end up making you a sweaty mess and no one likes a sweaty photographer. Keep it simply and it will be beautiful.

engagement wedding photography

4. Mind set: Don't just think of it like a shoot but a way to get to know your couple. If weather permitting I think its nice to go for a short walk because it breaks up the shoot and you have time to chat.

cornwall wedding photographer

5. Keep it Real: Don't fall into the trap of over posing, by all means set your image up but there is nothing worse than seeing a photo where it looks uncomfortable. 

pre-wedding shoot cornwall

6. Shoot and Move: Do a 360 around your subject, don't get stuck shooting the same angle. 

engagement locations cornwall

7. It's all in the detail: Not every shot has to tell the whole story, in fact giving less is more sometimes. It's more thought provoking and can bring a story of images together.

engagement cornwall

8. Weather: My favourite time to shoot is the dusk and dawn but its not always possible. I love cloud cover it makes everything soft and thats what you want for beautiful skin. If you can't get clouds get some shade.. or an assistant with a diffuser.

beach engagement photography

9. Editing: Cull your images and be confident with it, don't give them hundreds of images where 10 of the image are slightly different. You know which ones are sick and which ones aren't so sick.

engagement wedding photography

10. Take risks: I don't mean hang off the side of the cliff or anything here, I mean shoot into the sun try different techniques, angles be creative and above all have fun doing it.

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